The Top 6 Best Selling Hotel Pillows 2022

Luxury is almost always associated with hotel bedding. It should not come as a surprise that the majority of hotel pillows are as versatile as they are long-lasting because hotels are required to cater to a diverse range of customer requirements, preferences, and sleeping positions. Because hotel pillows are typically both comfortable and long-lasting, you may find that using them in your own home is an excellent choice for you. Continue reading to learn more about the construction of hotel pillows, where to buy them, and how to evaluate their relative merits.

Hotels are commercial establishments, and a significant portion of their revenue comes from ensuring that their guests have a restful night’s sleep. It is in their best interest to scour the market for the most comfortable pillows and mattresses they can find for their customers. Because so many well-known hotel chains, including the Marriott, the Ritz-Carlton, and the Sheraton, now offer their guests the option to purchase their own bedding, it is now feasible to recreate this experience in the comfort of one’s own home.

Saatva Pillow, a Synthetic Alternative to Down

The Saatva Down Alternative Pillow makes use of high-quality materials that have been specifically developed to improve breathability and comfort. This pillow is ideal for individuals who value a plush feel but are unable to tolerate genuine down feathers due to an allergy. It is crafted from hypoallergenic down alternative fibre clusters. The price of the Down Alternative Pillow is the most reasonable of those offered by Saatva for any of their pillows.

Microdenier fibres, which are an alternative to down and have a fineness comparable to silk, are used to construct the pillow. Because the fibres are porous as well as soft, the pillow is also airy in addition to being comfortable. The cluster structure is more durable than the standard types of fibre fill, despite the fact that the fibres themselves are relatively lightweight. Cotton, a breathable fabric, is used to make the pillow’s cover, which contributes to the overall breathability of the pillow. The cover’s satin piping is a nice aesthetic touch that adds to the overall look. The Saatva Down Alternative Pillow is offered in both queen and king dimensions, depending on your preference. The pillow shouldn’t be washed in a machine, and instead should only be spot-cleaned as necessary.

Brooklinen-covered down pillow

The three levels of firmness that can be selected are denoted by the terms plush, mid-plush, and firm. These terms can be translated as soft, medium, and firm, respectively. Those who sleep on their stomachs should select the plush setting, which provides additional softness without a significant increase in loft. Those who sleep on their sides might find the additional support offered by the firm pillow more appealing. The Mid-Plush option is probably going to be most appealing to combination sleepers as well as people who are looking for a more versatile option.

Each level of firmness possesses a structure that is uniquely its own. For an even loftier appearance and feel, the plush pillow is stuffed entirely with clusters of down. Both the Mid-Plush and the Firm use a dual-core construction that consists of supportive feathers in the centre and soft down clusters in the outer layer of the mattress. The extra support provided by the Firm option is a result of its having a higher ratio of feathers to down. Each pillow has a cotton sateen shell that is wrapped around it. This shell has a supple feel to it and prevents the feathers inside from escaping. Antimicrobial agents have been infused into the filling of the pillows to eliminate odours and maintain their overall freshness.

Boll & Branch Featherless Alternative Down Pillow

Sleepers who enjoy the sensation of down but would rather rest on a pillow made of a different material should find the Boll & Branch Down Alternative Pillow to be an accommodating option. This pillow is filled with PrimaLoft, which gives it a lightweight and plush feel that is similar to that of down pillows. PrimLoft is a type of synthetic fibre that has been engineered to wick away moisture and maintain a consistent temperature. The fill also maintains its shape very well, which may be advantageous for people who like to shape their pillows while they are sleeping.

Customers have the option of selecting a product that is soft, medium, or firm in texture. People who sleep on their stomachs or their backs are more likely to find that pillows with softer or medium levels of support are better suited to their needs. Side sleepers tend to favour the thicker, firmer option.The pillow is encased in a cover made of cotton that is 100 percent breathable, and it also has piped edges and embroidery for an elegant appearance. The use of high-quality materials and environmentally responsible production practises are two of Boll & Branch’s primary concerns. Customers who place a high value on ethics should find the use of organic materials and environmentally friendly packaging by the company to be appealing.

Cozy Pillow with Earth Silk Cushion

Mulberry silk boasts a level of luxurious softness and natural durability that few other bedding materials can match. The filling of the Cozy Earth Silk Pillow is made up entirely of mulberry, resulting in a surface that is both plush and supportive for the head and neck. Because the material maintains its full shape even after repeated use, you shouldn’t observe much clumping or shifting even if you use it frequently. In point of fact, the product warranty on the pillow extends coverage for a variety of structural flaws, including loss of shape.

Additionally, silk is naturally breathable and only retains a small amount of heat. The cover of the pillow is made of viscose that is derived from bamboo. This material has properties that allow it to wick away moisture, so it will keep you dry regardless of the temperature or the weather. People who tend to sleep hot and anyone else who sweats frequently while sleeping should find these qualities appealing.When necessary, spot cleaning or dry cleaning the pillow is what is recommended by Cozy Earth. On the other hand, you can wash the items in a machine using a cycle that does not include a spin rinse and dry them using the delicate or low heat setting. You also have the option of drying the pillow by hanging it up. There is a choice between the standard and king sizes.

A Pillow with a Standard Textile Chamber Filled with Down

The Chamber Down Pillow by Standard Textile, also referred to as the Chamberloft pillow, is built with two outer chambers filled with hypoallergenic polyester that surround an inner chamber filled with sterilised feathers. The pillow is also known by its other name, the Chamberloft pillow. The cover is constructed from breathable cotton that is made up of one hundred percent of the material and is double-stitched to ensure its longevity.

Standard Textile is well-known for supplying high-end hotels all over the world with high-quality bedding. As a direct result of this reputation, the company’s pillows are constructed to withstand frequent washing and drying without losing their loft. The construction of the pillow, which consists of three separate chambers, helps to ensure that the fill will dry in an even distribution after being washed. The polyester that makes up the outer chambers of the pillow gives it a plush feel, while the natural feathers that make up the inner chamber offer support to ensure that the sleeper’s neck remains in the correct position throughout the night.

Feather pillow made of down and feathers

Another option for a pillow that comes with a variety of filling densities to accommodate a variety of sleeping positions is Down & Feather’s Hotel Collection Feather Pillow. The pillow with the lowest density, referred to as the “thinner,” also has a thin profile, which makes it conducive to stomach sleeping. A pillow with a mid-range thickness, referred to as “thin,” is well-suited to back sleeping. The “thick” and “thickest” pillows offer plenty of loft for side sleeping.

The stuffing is made of feathers from Hungarian geese, which, although not as fluffy as down, still offer adequate support for the head and neck. Customers who are concerned about the environment should find the pillow appealing because the feathers have been washed with eco-friendly soap and recycled water. The exterior is crafted from 100% Egyptian cotton, giving it a luxuriously crisp appearance while also allowing for ample air circulation. Because the pillow does not have any chambers or inner baffles, the perimeter is double-stitched and corded to keep it together. The feather pillow is available at a very reasonable price, particularly when compared to pillows that are filled with down.


The science behind why hotel pillows are so comfortable and fluffy is going to be revealed in this definitive guide to luxury pillows. Lockdown may have momentarily put a stop to those blissful and rejuvenating weekends away, but on the bright side, it provides the ideal opportunity to spruce up your very own boudoir. The perfect hotel pillow is hypoallergenic, has a moderate level of firmness and loft, is resistant to wear and tear, and is allergy-friendly. Nevertheless, there are also alternatives to this gold standard that are available to cater to a variety of sleeping positions. The luxurious feel of hotel pillows, which is achieved by striking a balance between softness and firmness, is something that is found in almost all of these products.

One of life’s simple pleasures can be found in checking into a nice hotel for the night, especially considering the fact that the pillows at hotels are typically much fluffier and more hotel-feeling than the ones you have at home.The provision of a superior night’s sleep is one of the primary focuses of hotels, and the provision of comfortable pillows is an essential component of this formula. A comfortable pillow is essential to having a restful night’s sleep.

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