The Top 6 Best Selling Korean Moisturizer 2022

“The world of Korean skincare brings a lot of awareness and excitement when it comes to caring for your skin,” says Marisa Garshick, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at Medical Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery in New York City.In addition to this, it exposes you to a wide variety of ingredients that have the potential to make your skin look radiant.

In recent years, there has been an explosion in the availability of Korean skincare products all over the world, which has led to a corresponding explosion in the popularity of Korean skincare products.Koreans take their skincare very seriously, as evidenced by the Korean skincare routines, which are known for layering several products, sometimes ten or more, to treat all skin types on a daily basis, including dry, oily, combination, normal, and even sensitive skin.

Natural ingredients that prevent the skin from becoming damaged are typically included in the formulation of moisturisers used in Korean skincare. Snail mucin is the unique selling proposition of every moisturiser sold in the Korean skincare market. In addition to nourishing the skin, this mucin lightens scars, reduces the appearance of signs of ageing, and treats hyperpigmentation. Korean moisturisers are easy on the wallet and deliver intense hydration, both of which are essential components of an effective skincare routine.

Advanced Snail 92 Cream from COSRX

The COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream is designed to maintain the skin’s health and nourishment by containing 92 percent snail secretion filtrate, also known as snail mucin. The significant quantity of snail secretion filtrate helps calm skin irritation and makes the skin more even.

Hyaluronic acid, copper peptides, proteoglycans, antimicrobial peptides, and trace elements are some of the ingredients that are found in snail secretion filtrate, which also hydrates and repairs the skin. According to the findings of a study that was published in 2017 by the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists, snail mucin even has antibiotic activity. After being absorbed into the skin, the gel-cream formula will leave your skin feeling silky smooth without any greasiness or oiliness. The tacky texture that the gel-cream initially possesses is a result of the filtrate derived from snail secretions.

Belif’s The True Cream is a Moisturizing Bomb

It has been shown in clinical tests that the Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb can keep moisture on the moisturiser for up to 26 hours. Comfrey leaf, an effective component for hydrating the skin, is one of the apothecary herbs and plant extracts that are included in this product. The moisturiser is ideal for those with skin types ranging from normal to dry, as well as those who are concerned with the loss of elasticity and firmness. Oat kernel extract, which is rich in antioxidants, can help soothe skin that is dry and itchy, and marigold extract, which contains flavonoids, can provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

In Korea, one of the most popular beauty products is the True Cream Moisturizing Bomb. In every beauty category combined, it was the best-selling item in Korea’s domestic market for cosmetics and toiletries. Because of its supple cream format, which is designed to “burst” when applied to the skin, this cream is most effective for treating dry, flaky, and dull skin. It gives the skin a feeling of intense nourishment and hydration, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

Innisfree’s Green tea seed cream

Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Cream, which helps to hydrate and protect the skin, contains two of the key ingredients: Jeju green tea and green tea seed oil. The organic green tea and green tea seed oil that Innisfree sells come from fields on South Korea’s Jeju Island that have been certified organic by the USDA. Green tea seed oil is loaded with 16 different amino acids and antioxidants, both of which shield the skin from the damaging effects of the environment.

The green tea used in this cream was chosen from among 3,301 different varieties based solely on the benefits it offers to the skin. This Korean face cream prevents moisture loss without leaving behind a greasy or oily film on the skin. The nourishing antioxidants are delivered to the skin through the formula, which is lightweight and easily absorbed.

Deep Sea Pure Water Cream

The Purito Deep Sea Pure Water Cream is a godsend for skin that is dry and lacking in moisture. This unscented water cream is formulated with sixty percent deep seawater, making it ideal for the treatment of dryness as well as other skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis. Your complexion is brightened, soothed, and brought back into balance with a concentration of niacinamide that is 2 percent.

This cream is loaded with marine ingredients such as green caviar and seaweed extract, making it suitable for all varieties of skin, including sensitive skin. Your skin will be left hydrated and soft without having a thick or sticky finish thanks to the cream, which also helps maintain the proper water-to-oil ratio.

Moistfull Collagen Cream

The hydrolyzed marine collagen found in Etude House’s Moistfull Collagen Cream works to deliver hydration to the skin by plumping it and aiding in the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Humectants like glycerin, betaine, and glucose are responsible for retaining moisture. This Korean moisturiser also includes Adansonia digitata seed oil, also known as baobab oil. Baobab oil is rich in antioxidants, which help support the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin while also assisting in the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Moisturizing fatty acids also have the added benefit of protecting the skin’s barrier.It also contains tocopherol, a type of vitamin E that helps protect and nourish the skin.Because of its richness and lack of stickiness, only a small amount is required for application, as its consistency is comparable to that of a gel cream. It quickly absorbs, doesn’t leave behind a greasy or sticky feeling, and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised. Excellent for dry, normal, combination, and oily skin that has been dehydrated.

Huxley’s Anti-Gravity Cream

The Huxley Secret of Sahara Anti-Gravity Cream is a K-Beauty anti-aging secret that helps to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.The extract of 51% Sahara cactus is featured in this cream, which is designed for use on all types of skin and provides both lifting and hydration benefits. The Sahara cactus is a plant that is able to survive in the harsh climates of the desert and helps to firm the skin while also preventing moisture loss.

In addition, the cream is formulated with Moroccan prickly pear cactus oil, which provides additional antioxidant protection by including vitamins E and K as well as essential fatty acids. The skin is hydrated and plumped up by hyaluronic acid, and its elasticity is improved by SC-glucan, which also supports the production of collagen.


Sheet masks, BB cream, and glass skin are just a few examples of the innovative products that have their roots in the Korean skincare industry, which is where many of the industry’s trends first emerge. To put it another way, Seoul, which is located in South Korea, is considered to be the epicentre of the K-Beauty industry. This is the location where regular developments in Korean skincare take place. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to achieve jelly skin with a springy, bouncy texture or cream skin with nourishing toner-moisturizer hybrids; Korean skin care products are always at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Some of the most effective moisturisers on the market are made by Korean companies. Korean moisturisers are formulated for serious skincare concerns and address issues such as dryness, oiliness, acne/blemishes, ageing, hyperpigmentation and dark spots, irritation, and aged skin, among other issues. It is absolutely necessary to use a high-quality moisturiser in order to achieve flawless and silky skin. As of late, Korean moisturisers have become all the rage in the world of skin care, which begs the question: which is the best Korean moisturiser? The majority of Korean moisturisers make use of ingredients that are gentle on the skin and provide the highest level of hydration for the skin.

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