The Top 6 Best Selling MotorCycle Helmets 2022

Helmets for motorcycle riders are essential for the rider’s safety, but in addition to that, they provide the rider with additional benefits such as comfort and convenience. A good helmet will have an aerodynamic shape that helps to keep the helmet stable at high speeds and prevents the wind from pulling on your head while you are riding. It is difficult to adequately convey what it is like to ride on an open road and have the wind blow across your body at the same time. But along with the additional freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle also comes the responsibility of making sure that the motorcycle you ride is suitable, safe, and that you are wearing the appropriate protective gear.

The full-face helmet provides the greatest amount of protection for both your head and your neck. A full-face helmet will also protect you from the environment in which you are riding, whether it be inclement weather or debris and bugs hitting your visor while you are riding. The lack of a chin bar on three-quarter and half-helmets is one of the characteristics that sets full-face helmets apart from the other two types. Furthermore, a European study discovered that the chin is the target of 50% of the most severe blows sustained in an accident.Therefore, riders ought to take this into consideration when determining the level of protection that they are comfortable wearing.

Helmet Shoei RF-1200

The RF-1200, manufactured by Shoei, is the first motorcycle on our list. The RF-1100, which was already a huge success in the market for motorcycle gear, served as the inspiration for this racing helmet, which is the successor to that helmet. The RF-1200 built upon the RF-1100’s strengths and even improved upon the comfort and wearability of the helmet by incorporating feedback from users. The RF-1200 is a high-end motorcycle helmet for a good reason; it performs all of the functions that you could want in either a racing or a street touring motorcycle helmet. If there is one thing that can define this incredible helmet, it is the level of comfort it provides.

The inner lining of the RF-1200 is of the same high quality as one would anticipate from a Shoei helmet, which is exactly what you get with this model. Every component of the inner lining that is hypoallergenic can be removed and washed separately. Additionally, the interior of the lower half of the helmet has been designed to be incredibly plush and comfortable for the helmet.

Helmet Arai XD4

The XD4 from Arai is another high-end and high-quality motorcycle helmet that the company has produced. It is very similar in design to the previous helmet. The XD4 is priced similarly to the rest of the high-end products because of its position at the extreme end of the spectrum. The XD4 is widely regarded as the pinnacle of dual-sport motorcycle helmets, which is one reason why its price tag is so high. The XD4 achieves the highest possible marks that can be achieved by a dual-sport motorcycle helmet throughout the entire product. incredible vision thanks to its large amount of vertical and horizontal clearance, which provides a full view in every direction and makes this the ideal kind of helmet for an adventure trip.

The construction of this helmet as a whole is done in a way that is solid and reliable throughout. When you get this Aria motorcycle helmet in your hands, you will immediately understand why the XD series from Aria has received so much positive feedback. Aria has set a new standard for what adventure touring motorcycle helmets should be like.The XD4 is the industry standard when it comes to adventure touring helmets due to its unparalleled levels of comfort, quality, and overall safety. and is the lid of choice for those who are passionate about ADV touring. The price tag is nothing to scoff at, but if you are serious about adventure touring, you should take that into consideration. At that point, your money should be on the XD4.

Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

The Qualifier DLX can hold its own when compared to the best budget racing helmets currently available. This motorcycle helmet, manufactured by Bell, is very well made. There is no reason to be surprised by the prevalence of Bell’s Qualifier line on race tracks located in the United States and Europe; this fact is well known. Because Bell has been such a reliable brand for such a long time, it has now further solidified its reputation by producing such a stunning motorcycle helmet. Let’s begin with the product that best exemplifies Bell’s capabilities—the face shield. Every single Qualifier DLX is equipped with a “Transitions Photochromic” face shield as a standard feature. This indicates that it will become more opaque when exposed to UV light. In most cases, the Qualifier DLX will become darker at any time of the day, regardless of whether or not clouds are present.

In addition to this, the Qualifier DLX is intercom system compatible right out of the box. A panel on the left side of the helmet is removable, revealing a hole that can accommodate the Cardo Q1/Q3 intercom, the Cardo Qz, or the original Sena SMH10, depending on your preference. The Qualifier DLX is notorious for its tendency to make a lot of noise, which is the primary criticism levelled against it. Some users have resorted to covering vent holes with duct tape or just covering them in general, which lets in a significant amount of wind. It is said that the noise level in the intercom hole is exceptionally high if there is no intercom system present.

Shoei Solid Neotec 2 Modular Helmet

Pick My Helmet is the one and only helmet to achieve a perfect score on Pick My Helmet. However, before you proceed to the next step, you should be aware that this helmet is very expensive.The most expensive motorcycle helmet in Shoei’s already impressive line-up, the flagship model is also the most expensive. The Neotec II has every conceivable feature, and then some. It appears as though Shoei has rigged the game by laying all of their cards on the table at the same time.

The level of quality you would expect from a Shoei helmet, along with enough bells and whistles for an entire parade’s worth of participants. Shoei’s Neotec II is unquestionably the best modular helmet and, more broadly speaking, the best motorcycle helmet currently available on the market. The culmination of all of Shoei’s innovations throughout the course of the company’s history. While being sufficiently aerodynamic to be noticed while racing down the track, it is also so comfortable that riding it for extended periods of time would be a dream.

EXO-R1: Air Carbon and the Scorpion

The EXO-R1 Air Carbon is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2021. It is based on the same design as the EXO-R1, but the fibreglass and aramid weave have been replaced with a full 3K carbon fibre weave construction. Since this is the same grade and specification of carbon fibre that is used in the manufacturing of aircraft, it is extremely strong while still being flexible enough to dissipate some of the impact force on its own.

In addition to this, the shell of the helmet has a very quiet shape that literally slices through the air rather than crashing into it, and it also has one of the largest visors that are currently available on the market. On every ride, the AirFit inflatable cheek pad system will ensure that you have a close but comfortable fit, despite the simplicity of the ventilation system, which is extremely effective despite its lack of complexity. The R1 Air Carbon has received certification from both the DOT and the ECE at 22.05.


In their pursuit to design the best possible sports-touring helmet, AGV pulled out all the stops when developing the K6. AGV has already established a well-deserved reputation for manufacturing safe helmets, but the K6 takes things to the next level by featuring an EPS liner with a density of 5, and a shell constructed from carbon and aramid fibres. The end result is a SHARP rating of five stars, which is not an easy accomplishment.

The design objectives for this lid were very ambitious, and it appears that they have all been met. This helmet has excellent airflow, and despite its apparent size, it is surprisingly quiet. It weighs in at just under 3 pounds, which is incredibly light. To achieve this weight, there have been some sacrifices made, the most notable of which is the elimination of the internal sun visor. Once it is on, the liner material is lovely and comfortable, and thanks to the substantial neck roll, it provides an excellent fit for the majority of wearers’ skulls. The fact that AGV provides deep speaker cutouts makes it incredibly easy to install a communications system.


The most recent advancement in helmet technology is the incorporation of an EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam inner liner designed to absorb impact. In addition, there is a comfort liner that riders frequently confuse with a protective component. This liner, which does in fact provide some padding, is commonly worn inside the helmet. In order to provide sufficient protection for the face and jaw, the lower portion of a helmet should also be constructed out of EPS foam.

Always search for a helmet that has a shell-built design when you’re in the market for one. It serves as the initial layer of protection for your head, preventing it from coming into direct contact with the road. If the helmet you chose does not have a thermoplastic or reinforced composite shell, such as polycarbonate, then you should select a different helmet. The impact-absorbing liner is the second feature that you should look out for. As its name suggests, the inner liner of the helmet is the component that not only provides comfort to the top of your head but also absorbs impact when you are in a collision. You are protected from severe head injuries by the additional layer of defence that this provides.

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