The Top 5 Best Selling Shop Vac 2022

The very best shop vacs are available in a dizzying array of designs, dimensions, and price points. Shop vacuums can be found in the vast majority of retail establishments that sell hand tools. These handy tools come in a variety of capacities, ranging from larger models to more compact, portable variants. Our choices for the best shop vac to purchase in 2022 are broken down into categories that cater to a wide range of uses and requirements. When it comes to cleaning up large dry and wet messes, such as water, wood scraps, and small metal pieces like nails and screws, a regular household vacuum simply isn’t up to the task.

However, a shop vac is a quick and efficient tool that can do the job. We conducted extensive research and evaluations of dozens of models currently available on the market, evaluating them based on their power, portability, noise level, and overall value.Shop vacuums, also known as wet or dry vacs, are an appliance that should be present in every workshop or garage. Shop vacs are equipped with robust motors and sturdy construction so that they can handle the strenuous cleaning tasks that would cause standard vacuums to break down, become clogged, and be rendered useless.

They are also more versatile than your typical vacuum because most of them have the ability to reverse suction, which enables them to function as blowers as well as vacuums. In addition, if the dust port on your sander, mitre saw, or circular saw is compatible with the dust port on the attachment, they can serve a dual purpose as a dust collection system. These are the best shop vacs that will get the job done, whether you’re looking to clean up messes in your garage or your workspace.

Vacmaster VBV1210 wet/dry vacuum

The Vacmaster Wet/Dry Vacuum with Detachable Blower is our top pick for an all-purpose shop vacuum because it is an indispensable tool for a wide variety of household tasks as well as light-duty garage clean-up. This model’s capacity of 12 gallons and its suction power of 5 horsepower make it suitable for cleaning up either dry or wet mess. Because of how powerful it is, it could trip your breaker. Therefore, you should make sure to plug it into a 20-amp receptacle if one is available. Because of its lightweight polypropylene tank and casters, this shop vac is simple to manoeuvre once it has been plugged in and turned on. When dealing with liquid spills, keep in mind that your capacity will be significantly reduced. Once the container has reached its maximum capacity of 8.5 gallons, a float located inside the canister will turn off the suction.

The noise levels of some shop vacs can get quite high, but this Vacmaster model has an exhaust cover that lowers them to 71 decibels, which is likely to be lower than the noise levels of a standard household vacuum. It has a CFM rating of 133, which is useful information to have if you plan to use the detachable blower to quickly clear your space of leaves and other small debris. Because it can produce air at speeds of up to 210 miles per hour, the blower enables you to clean your garage, the area where you are doing renovations, or an outdoor patio in record time.

Ridgid 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

Choose a shop vac with a large capacity if you need to clean up messy situations that require a lot of effort or if you don’t want to have to empty the canister as frequently. The debris capacity of most shop vacs of an average size ranges from 5 to 8 gallons. This wet/dry vacuum from Ridgid comes with a 16-gallon canister, making it their most capacious offering in their line of shop vacs. It has a motor with a peak horsepower output of 6.5, making it capable of providing powerful suction for both dry and wet debris.

The canister can be attached to the hose, which is 7 feet long and has a diameter of 2.5 inches, allowing for unrestricted suction of larger objects. The adaptability of the Ridgid wet/dry vac can be increased with attachments such as a car nozzle, an extension wand, or a wet nozzle. In addition to that, this heavy-duty shop vac comes with a blower that can be removed. Do not expect it to perform significant work in the yard, despite the fact that it can be helpful for clearing sawdust or other light debris from your workbench or garage.

Craftsman CMXEVBE17250 Wet/Dry Vacuum

It is important that a portable shop vac not only be lightweight and easy to transport, but also have sufficient suction power to remove dry and wet debris from your home, vehicle, yard, and workshop. The Craftsman 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac meets all of the requirements, including having an ergonomic handle and weighing a total of only 6.7 pounds. Because of this, in contrast to some wet/dry vacs that have wheels, it is simple to transport both upstairs and downstairs. It is also compact enough to fit in a drawer, cupboard, or even beneath the sink.

The fact that this portable shop vac has storage for attachments on board is yet another significant benefit of using it. Instead of attempting to corral the tools, hose, and vacuum on their own, simply lock the hose into place on the canister, and then snap the utility nozzle, crevice tool, and other attachments onto the vacuum. Even though there are not many attachments included, you can still expand your cleaning kit by using other shop vac accessories that have a 1.25-inch diameter.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Wet/Dry Vac

With the help of a cordless model, such as this one from Milwaukee that is both compact and powerful, you can put the power of a shop vac to work no matter where you are. A lithium-ion battery provides enough energy for the M18 2 Gallon Cordless Wet/Dry Vac to operate for at least 30 minutes at a time. It is able to clean up both dry and wet messes. However, the HEPA filter must be removed before it can be used to clean up liquids.

This cordless wet/dry vac stands out from the competition due to its 45 CFM, which is more suction power than a great deal of the competition for the type and size of vacuum. You’ll have plenty of reach with the 6-foot hose for tasks around the garage, such as cleaning underneath the seats in the car or performing a quick clean-up on the job site.

Vacmaster Beast 14-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac

If you are specifically looking for a dependable and simple-to-clean wet/dry shop vac, the Vacmaster Beast is a good choice for you to consider. This model, which has a large capacity, has a tank that can hold 14 gallons of liquid and is fitted with a drain port for easy removal of the liquid’s contents. Keep in mind that while this tank made of stainless steel is resistant to rust, unlike polypropylene tanks, it is not resistant to dents. Utilize the foam filter that comes with this wet/dry shop vac so that you can successfully vacuum up water while putting it through its paces.

The majority of shop vacs do not come equipped with a foam filter. However, using one can help extend the life of your device. In the event that the puddle you are attempting to clean up contains gravel, glass, or any other debris, the foam filter on your vacuum can assist you in capturing these particles before they reach the motor.


A shop vac is a heavy-duty vacuum that is typically utilised for the purpose of cleaning up construction debris such as sawdust. These vacuums have powerful motors that generate strong suction, making it possible for them to pull in materials such as wood, dirt, sawdust, and other items that may be too heavy or sharp for a regular vacuum to handle. The only difference between a shop vacuum and a regular vacuum is that it collects debris in a bucket rather than a bag. Shop vacs perform the same function as regular vacuums. An electric motor powers a fan, which is responsible for drawing air from the interior of the bucket. This creates a vacuum inside the collection bucket, which in turn generates a significant amount of suction at the intake port or the open end of the vacuum hose. This allows the vacuum to pull in air along with any debris that has been caught in its suction.

The fact that these shop vacs are primarily designed for use in industrial and commercial settings means that they typically feature durable construction. When shopping for a vacuum cleaner, look for one that has a durable exterior, typically made from polypropylene or a similar chemical derivative, and has rubberized components where applicable. It is important that the casters and wheels on the cleaning cart have a high quality, as this will make it easier to move the cart from one room to another or from one location to another as you clean.

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