The Top 5 Best Selling Sofa Bed 2022

Traditional sofa beds have traditionally been a burdensome combination of expensive, heavy, and occasionally pretty ugly furniture. This has been the case for a long time. They have a minimum retail price of a couple hundred dollars and a maximum retail price of several thousand dollars. It can be a royal pain in the behind to move pull-out styles from one apartment to another (queen-size sleeper sofas typically weigh around 180 pounds), which means that if you find a nice one for your place, it’s probably going to be a lifer. And if you’re in the market for a new one, doing some research is essential if you want to avoid having to lug that thing back to a UPS store. When they are at their worst, they are similar to the world’s ugliest Transformer. They look like a hunk of metal emerging from your couch, with a flimsy-looking mattress on top, and a sinkhole in the middle that lands you right on top of the dreaded support bar in the middle of the mattress.

More options that are similar to futons have emerged recently, and they are made from comfortable combinations of foam. These foam combinations offer denser support layers and cushier top layers, just like your favourite Casper or Tuft & Needle mattress might. Sofa beds are available in a dizzying array of designs and configurations. Your personal preferences and the dimensions of the space you have available will determine which fashion is most suitable for you to use.


The design is available in a practical selection of sizes, ranging from the Haru Single sofa bed (opens in new tab), which can accommodate a single person, to the Haru Small sofa bed (opens in new tab), which can accommodate two people, and the Haru Large sofa bed (opens in new tab), which can accommodate three people (a standard double mattress width). Although it is important to note that when fully extended, all of the available options fall short in length when compared to a standard mattress; thus, this may not be the best sofa bed for overnight guests who are taller than average.

The Haru has a design that allows it to unfold so that the entire seat becomes the sleeping surface. The transition from seat to bed is very simple, as the bed’s legs can easily be folded away and concealed in the zippered pockets in the upholstery when they are not in use. When the sofa bed is in the seat position, two accent cushions in coordinating colours cover the hidden underneath legs and provide some support on the backrest of the fairly reclined position.However, due to the short length of the legs, the sleeping area will be quite close to the floor, which some of the guests may not find to their liking. Once the sofa bed is fully extended, the sleeping experience is fairly firm due to the solid foam construction (there are no pocket springs here). We discovered that while lying down, you could feel the three sections of the sofa bed folding mechanism, but this is nothing that a good mattress topper couldn’t fix.


Its focal-point design gives a nod to the influence of the mid-century era, with high wooden legs that contrast with armrests in the shape of lozenges and a pocketed backrest in the style of Chesterfield. The four different upholstery options that have the look of velvet are not for the faint of heart either. In addition to a versatile medium grey, there is a vibrant emerald green, a saturated navy blue, and a fiery orange colorway available.

When the backrest is folded down to make the clic-clac design into a bed, the pocket-sprung cushions deliver on the comfort front as well, providing comfortable seating in sofa form as well as a sleeping experience that is almost identical to that of a mattress. However, despite the substantial width of the seating area, this option provides only enough room for two people to sleep in a small double bed.


Because the Swyft Model 04 sofa-bed-in-a-box (opens in a new tab) is delivered flat-packed in boxes, it is an excellent option for people who live in apartments or who have difficult access. Additionally, the company does away with lengthy lead times for sofa beds, making the majority of products available for delivery in fewer than seven days; this is ideal for situations in which a sofa bed is required in a hurry. Although both sitting and sleeping are on the firmer side, the foam cushioning with integrated pocket springs provided us with a good night’s sleep. The click-clack design of the sofa backrest allows it to fold flat to join the seat in creating the sleeping surface. If you want to make the sleeping area feel more open than it does with some designs that have fixed arms, you can also remove the arms from this design if you want to.

The mattress topper is included with every purchase, providing additional comfort in addition to protecting the material from potential wear and tear. When the bed is not being used, it can be stowed away in the convenient integrated storage compartment that is located under the seat. The low backrest may not provide enough support for some people, but the low profile design is stylish and modern, and the seven stain-resistant upholstery options are all good, versatile shades, with a mix of hardwearing velvets and linen blend fabrics. Despite the fact that the low backrest may not provide enough support for some people, the low-profile design is stylish and modern.


The Oswald sofa bed from Heal’s (opens in new tab) is a multifunctional sleeper sofa that combines good design with sitting and sleeping comfort, which is often a difficult trio to find in one piece of furniture.The contemporary appearance conceals a particularly well-thought-out construction, which consists of the seat and backrest being formed from a combination of pocket-springs, “high-resilient,” and “hyper-soft” foam cushioning, respectively. This results in a seat that has a good amount of give and bounce; it is not a soft and squishy sofa, but it is definitely somewhere that we would be comfortable sitting all evening if you’re thinking about using a sofa bed as your everyday living room seating.

Because the seat and backrest fold out to become the sleeping surface, it also provides a comfortable sleeping experience, which in our opinion is comparable to that of a mattress that is specifically designed for use in beds.The loose back cushions are also a step above the standard, with feathers and foam creating a comfortable surface against which to relax, and the back height providing plenty of support for the user. In addition, once the sofa bed has been pulled out into position, there is a convenient storage area that allows for these cushions to be stored away in a safe place, which helps to keep the room from looking cluttered.


The Bluebell sofa bed, which can be purchased from (link opens in new tab), is one option that lives up to its name in terms of appearance and doesn’t make too much of a sacrifice when it comes to comfort, despite the fact that the sitting experience is fairly firm. The rolled arms, piped upholstery detailing, and turned wood legs on castors of the sofa all work together to deliver an elegant look that is reminiscent of a bygone era. A classic appearance that is made possible in large part by the construction of the pull-out sofa bed, which features a hidden metal bedframe and a dedicated mattress that can be folded up and stashed away underneath the seat cushions.

Because of the design of almost all pull-out sofa beds, the seat cushions of the sofa are positioned so that they rest on the back of the metal bed frame when the sofa is in its upright position. This explains why the seat is so firm. Webbing or springs are typically installed in the frame underneath the seat cushions of most standard sofas. This construction offers significantly more give and bounce, and, as a result, a significantly more comfortable sitting experience.


If you are looking for multi-purpose furniture that helps you save space and make your life easier at home, one of the most popular items you’ll find on the market is the sofa bed. You can find these sofas in almost any furniture store. A sofa bed is an ingenious and versatile combination of a sofa and a bed that, when used together, offers an instant and comfortable sleeping space. A sofa bed is essentially a couch that can be transformed into a bed by pulling out the appropriate mechanism. It is possible to acquire a sofa bed for day-to-day use in small apartments.

Memory foam has come a long way, and it is now available in mattresses that can replace those that are found in sofa beds. It may come as a surprise to some people how cosy a sofa sleeper can be when it is outfitted with the appropriate kind of mattress. There is one mattress that stands out from the rest of these options, despite the fact that many of the options on this list are good choices. The Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Sleeper Sofa Mattress is likely to be your best option when it comes to comfort as well as support. At a price point that is roughly comparable to that of an innerspring coil replacement mattress, it is one of the most cost-effective options.

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